Monday, August 10, 2009


Why didn't I just say goodbye.
It would be easy, not to start a fight tonight,
But with you theres some magic,
A spark I never knew,
Till today I regret it,
Not knowing, Not knowing,
There was never insecurity with us.
I was locked away inside your heart.
I loved unconditionally,
God must've been upset,
He threw me into love,
You cast the magic spell on me,
Sparks went flyin' high an...
I guess I should've said goodbye.
Should've closed that door,
Not said a word,
I guess I should've learn my lesson,
Strangers break hearts.
And throw away all my love notes,
The ones I spent hours making,
My love to you was worth breaking?
Throw it all away,
Cause I'd rather have spent my life not knowing,
If I could've just said goodbye.
And all those tears I cried for you,
None of it meant anything at all,
God must've been unhappy, cause I fell in love,
I couldn't handle it, lost control
I was so young, I was going be somebody,
I guess I should've just said goodbye.
I'm missin out on everything now,
I should've just closed the door.
And never said a word.
I should've just said goodbye.

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