Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I LOVE MY BABE and I can't wait to be with him!!!!!!
hallmark has no ily ecards how ridiculous!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i cant be there with you but i can dream
i still dream

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


im supposed to be doin hw now but hey i might as well stay up.

Why are there so many birthdays on the 20s in September?
Because, if you count, the day your parents made you was about 9 months before September, which was January or December. They must have been partying and drinking, considering it would've been Christmas and they decided to 'do it' for the New Year. 9 months later, you arrive :)

i just made that up lol

Tonight was awesome, I had soo much fun. Since yesterday was my bday, my dad n i went to dinner. My neighbor was there, her bday is today. And her friend was there too, her birthday is tommorow. Kinda weird right? What a coincidence! I ate mexican food, which i looove. The guy next to me convinced the bartender to give me some rum. So i drank that, he's like "it's too soft fir you." Im like "o deff" when really it was freaking hard to drink. N it was hot going down.

Then outta nowhere my freakin teacher from last year appears. I was looking the other way so she won't really notice me but she did so blah. It was kinda weird seeing her there cuz u kinda think teachers have no lives but i guess i was wrong.

The night was good. I still haven't gotten any presents yet :( tear tear
hey! let's make a list:
-ipod touch
-brand new eyes cd
i think that's it...if i think of something else i'll write it down...
peace outers yo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


she won't stop talking shit
jeeeesus christ
get me outta this house
im goin ballistic

Sunday, September 13, 2009

tv schedule yay :D

Gossip Girl
September 14, Mondays
9 pm

8 pm

9 pm

The Vampire Diaries
8 pm
8 pm

October 14, Wednesdays
10 pm

CSI: Miami
September 21, Mondays
10 pm

September 22, Tuesdays
8 pm

NCIS: Miami
September 22, Tuesdays
9 pm

Law & Order: SVU
September 23, Wednesdays
9 pm


OK SO instead of doing my homework, which is what I should be doing, I played some sims :) The town I made is called 'BlahGuh Springs' lol
this is 'me'

yay now i get to stress on hw tmrw that should've been half done today.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

week of september 7

im so proud of my baby. he's going back to school :)
yay :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i have to finish hw

im tired and sleepy n hot.

School started and I'm already stressed out. One, because I get like tons of homework daily. And two, because I'm afraid of what all this work is going to do to me & babe. I mean, I know we can get thru whatever cuz alot ALOT has changed and we're still together, no matter what. And I really really thank him for that cuz not just anyone would take some of the risks like he is right now. But I think this would show if we can really get thru anything, like he said.

And though I'm taking these super hard classes im soo scared of failing them big time. Do I think I can do it? I dont know. If I take time on them n fully understand them, I think I can pass em. But I've never had such a weight on my shoulders.



i should finish my hw


Monday, September 7, 2009

3-Card Tarot Card Reading

my 3 tarot cards that came up today...

Current Situation
The High Priestess knows how to quiet her mind and trust her intuition and wisdom. The fact that she is showing up in this position means you are having a hard time listening to your inner voice. Everyone around you is chiming in, confusing you, telling you what they think you should do or feel. It’s hard to embrace silence when friends and family won’t shut up. The noise in your life is the problem.

Actions to Take
Strength is heaven on earth, the unification of our spiritual and animalistic selves. Strength controls the animal within us. It does not deny the animal. It acknowledges and celebrates it. The fact that this card is showing up in this position means you need to tame the lion, whatever part of you feels out of control. Is your sexuality getting you into trouble? Is your anger ruling you? Your appetite raging? Don’t let your impulses get the best of you; let your higher self take the lead.

Expected Outcome
The Hermit represents a recluse, someone who retreats from the world in spiritual meditation so he can eventually light the way for others. The fact that this card is showing up in this position means you’ll get some much-needed alone time. You’ll sit in silence, listen deeply and connect with God, the Universe, your higher self, whatever you want to call it. Once you do, you’ll be able to re-enter the world and help guide others.