Wednesday, September 23, 2009


im supposed to be doin hw now but hey i might as well stay up.

Why are there so many birthdays on the 20s in September?
Because, if you count, the day your parents made you was about 9 months before September, which was January or December. They must have been partying and drinking, considering it would've been Christmas and they decided to 'do it' for the New Year. 9 months later, you arrive :)

i just made that up lol

Tonight was awesome, I had soo much fun. Since yesterday was my bday, my dad n i went to dinner. My neighbor was there, her bday is today. And her friend was there too, her birthday is tommorow. Kinda weird right? What a coincidence! I ate mexican food, which i looove. The guy next to me convinced the bartender to give me some rum. So i drank that, he's like "it's too soft fir you." Im like "o deff" when really it was freaking hard to drink. N it was hot going down.

Then outta nowhere my freakin teacher from last year appears. I was looking the other way so she won't really notice me but she did so blah. It was kinda weird seeing her there cuz u kinda think teachers have no lives but i guess i was wrong.

The night was good. I still haven't gotten any presents yet :( tear tear
hey! let's make a list:
-ipod touch
-brand new eyes cd
i think that's it...if i think of something else i'll write it down...
peace outers yo!

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