Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Automotive marketplace

I'm so upset. Like I always am, nothing new. When will I ever be happy? I just wanna get off my chest the fact that I see this person ALL THE EFFIN time. Like whenever I look up, he's there. No, it's not someone Chris should worry about cuz I couldn't care less about him. But, seriously, he's in my health class, and it's super awkward cuz we were close friends once but now it's like I fucking hate you dude, get away from me. As soon as he gets on the bus, he looks at me WTFFFF and then when we're walking home it's like he goes some weird way and we meet at a corner then I start to walk faster to fucking avoid him. Ahhh it's driving me damn wild..MY GOD!

Another thing on my mind is this other person: who cares if u decided ur not gonna talk to ur ex now? I sure don't! You've said it plenty of times and right now, I'm really quite tired and quite over it. I don't care, get away from me.

Today I found out that I actually have to take my physics final cuz I got a 77 in the class, as of now. Me, the only one, out of all the people leaving early iiiiiiiiii have to effin take it. Why do these things ALWAYS seem to happen to me? It's like nobody is on my side and I'm always left alone, I always suck, Im always left behind. Why, God? I'm not a mean person, I don't do any totally bad things. Yes, I badly lied once in my life but I told the truth, and I feel like I redeemed myself. I was actually considering ending it without telling him at all just out of the blue stopping conversation with him. But I didn't, I told the truth. So, why God? :'( why? Tomorrow I finish my geometry final, thursday and Friday I have the physics and English finals. And Monday I just have history. I was exempted from taking shop and anatomy and physiology finals, because those two are teachers that are considerate and care about their students. Hardly like all my other teachers, especially geometry cuz she doesn't give a FLYING **** about what happens to us, she just wants 4 years to pass so she can retire.

I need to get my manicure and pedicure, dry clean my uniform for next week, write that paper for that SAT program I talked about in my last post cuz none of the jobs called, or was I supposed to call them? Maybe I'll call them sometime, if i remember. I must return the money to get my pictures and I need to get money for the Orlando trip as well. Buy a bathing suit, which will most likely happen this weekend, if my cousin doesn't forget to give me the money he promised.

I'm not even looking forward to this summer. I mean, all I have is work work wrk work. So what the fuck do I have to be happy for. And I still need to buy those damn expensive ass fucking useless and worthless piece of crap as books. Dammit.

Another thig worrying me is Chris's health. I don't know, I'll think I'm probably gonn have a heart attack soon with alm the things I have to worry about. But, really chest pain is dangerous. It doesn't matter if he's young, you know? He can still get a heart attack or whatever it is that's wrong with him. I have to wait until I don't know who decides that effin insurance is available and who knows when that'll happen. But it's his fault for missing the appointment he had the other time. If he wouldve went maybe he would have insurance by now and we would know what's wrong with him.

I don't know what to do with myself.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Clean the birds, or kill them?

In this post, I may come off as an animal rights activist and a hippie behind world peace but I'm not, I swear. Just look at those birds. Should they suffer from human mistake? Really, these BP oil people or whatever may plan to kill those birds. But WHY? What have they done? Nothing, nothing at all. So why should they be killed because of YOUR mistake?! I wish I had the job of cleaning those birds because it's a job I would love and enjoy. I'm sick of people in general endangering our world and this planet. It's the only place we've got-so far- and we should do everything possible to conserve it and prevent it from further decay. And, yes, I get we're going green and we're trying to produce less wastes, but we should've done this YEARS ago. Not now, when the ozone layer is thining by the second! I just hope we can rewind our effects on this Earth and it returns to it's "healthy" state. These things just upset me. . .

Saturday, June 5, 2010

:( I'm not whining

I don't know what's wrong with me.
Why am I always tired?

Friday, June 4, 2010

typical wednesday

So after giving in my applications, I'm at home, check my e-mail and I see this e-mail telling me about an SAT course & a job as an assistant counselor together at a local college that's like basically right next door to my high school. Hmm, sounds good. I NEED all the help I can get with the SAT because I'm planning on taking it again...October? One of the first months of the school year...I'm not sure. Besides that, you also get a job so it's pretty good. What I didn't read is if you got paid or not. I hope they do pay, though. And if I don't get any calls or anything from the jobs I applied to by the 15th then I'm gonna turn in my application and everything to the SAT course. And, it's only 10 kids they're accepting, so it won't hurt to at least try, ya know?

Also, my Orlando trip is coming soon :) Really really excited! I don't think I'm going to DR this summer because I've been hit with SO much summer work and I don't wanna over-stress myself, even though this year was pretty much me over-stressing -_-. But, yeah, it's my summer. I plan on enjoying it, it's my last summer before knowing where I'm going to college:D so I have to have fun. The place we were gonna stay at was changed and none of the girls I'm sharing my room with knows what's it called :/..maybe I should figure that out.

Tomorrow's friday! Well, today :) and there's like a fair/carnival/circus thing going on at the mall and hopefully i'll go. But, I need money -_-. THAT is why I NEED a job! Grrrr. Hey! Talking about the mall, as I was walking out these two guys were fighting LOL! It was funny..they were arguing about a phone or something. But, I couldn't stay and watch because my mom was rushing me.

Yeah. So much for my interesting day. Oh! And I had my hair like this today and everyone said I looked like Pocahontas lol. I don't see any resemblance. Maybe her attitude in that picture is the only thing lol! So, yeah, I'm tired, my throat hurts, and I'm gonna get something to drink.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

yo gabba gabba yo!

you can't always get what you want. .
nononono you cant.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let us decide when they play that last song

I dont know. I'm just gonna write to write..I seriously dont feel like venting for some reason...

My lower left side of my BELLY is starting to hurt again like last time. I thought it was finished with the pain -_- I swear my name should be changed to Painy or something, I dont know.

Besides what I said on my last post, I DID not hear all about his damn BBQ. Caught me by surprise cuz the dinner that I didn't go to he kept on rubbing in my face the fact that I didn't go. It was still pretty awkward with him cuz he walks me to some classes and such. I dont want to tell him to STOP cuz I'd hurt his feelings and what not and besides the school year is finishing...YEAHH :D

See how my mood changed :D

OK so on this thing I put all my info in and all my SAT scores and blah blah AND it said....
*drum rollssss*
*drum roll, please*
Ok so it took my info and I put it against Univ. of Alabama and it said....
i have a 98% chance of getting accepted. WHAT?!
that made me happy :D :D :D :D :D
I wanted to go to USC and it said i have a 20.1& chance of getting in..I dont want to go there cuz it doesnt have the major that I want so it doesn't matter.
I dont know what other schools i wanna go to I'm just sure about Alabama cuz 1)it's a good school 2) it has what i want 3) my fam is moving to GA so Alabama is right next door to it. I don't think I wanna go to college in GA, but I'll look into it....

Talking about school, i Think i might drop out of that AP class. I CAN NOT CAN NOT CAN NOT CANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT STAND that teacher. He pisses me the fuck off! I cant even type correctly. Besides him ,I don't see what's so necessary about that class. It's a bunch of useless work and besides I heard he's retiring next year so, REALLY what's the point in all this work?! It's not like you're gonna pay much attention to it. And, also, I want to start working and I KNOW KNOW KNOW he's gonna give us a load of work. And thats why I decided not to take Physics 2 Honors. Instead I took probability & statistics and HOPEFULLY it's not so hard.

Talking about working, I got about 8 applications today. Not all of them are hiring but some are just accepting applications so it wouldn't hurt, right?

Ugh, I need my mani & pedi again :/

I just hope to God they don't expect me to work the week I'm off to Orlando because I seriously wouldn't know what to do.

Its kinda funny that big football school are hard to get into like DAMN.
Univ. of Florida...4.6%
Univ. of Texas....60.5% (not bad, but eh its Texas bleggh lol)
Boise State...98% (OK but really IDAHO?)
Ohio State...49.45( big EH)
TCU...97.4%(umm no. it's in Texas & it's christian)
BYU....48.3%(eh eh eh eh)