Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let us decide when they play that last song

I dont know. I'm just gonna write to write..I seriously dont feel like venting for some reason...

My lower left side of my BELLY is starting to hurt again like last time. I thought it was finished with the pain -_- I swear my name should be changed to Painy or something, I dont know.

Besides what I said on my last post, I DID not hear all about his damn BBQ. Caught me by surprise cuz the dinner that I didn't go to he kept on rubbing in my face the fact that I didn't go. It was still pretty awkward with him cuz he walks me to some classes and such. I dont want to tell him to STOP cuz I'd hurt his feelings and what not and besides the school year is finishing...YEAHH :D

See how my mood changed :D

OK so on this thing I put all my info in and all my SAT scores and blah blah AND it said....
*drum rollssss*
*drum roll, please*
Ok so it took my info and I put it against Univ. of Alabama and it said....
i have a 98% chance of getting accepted. WHAT?!
that made me happy :D :D :D :D :D
I wanted to go to USC and it said i have a 20.1& chance of getting in..I dont want to go there cuz it doesnt have the major that I want so it doesn't matter.
I dont know what other schools i wanna go to I'm just sure about Alabama cuz 1)it's a good school 2) it has what i want 3) my fam is moving to GA so Alabama is right next door to it. I don't think I wanna go to college in GA, but I'll look into it....

Talking about school, i Think i might drop out of that AP class. I CAN NOT CAN NOT CAN NOT CANTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT STAND that teacher. He pisses me the fuck off! I cant even type correctly. Besides him ,I don't see what's so necessary about that class. It's a bunch of useless work and besides I heard he's retiring next year so, REALLY what's the point in all this work?! It's not like you're gonna pay much attention to it. And, also, I want to start working and I KNOW KNOW KNOW he's gonna give us a load of work. And thats why I decided not to take Physics 2 Honors. Instead I took probability & statistics and HOPEFULLY it's not so hard.

Talking about working, I got about 8 applications today. Not all of them are hiring but some are just accepting applications so it wouldn't hurt, right?

Ugh, I need my mani & pedi again :/

I just hope to God they don't expect me to work the week I'm off to Orlando because I seriously wouldn't know what to do.

Its kinda funny that big football school are hard to get into like DAMN.
Univ. of Florida...4.6%
Univ. of Texas....60.5% (not bad, but eh its Texas bleggh lol)
Boise State...98% (OK but really IDAHO?)
Ohio State...49.45( big EH)
TCU...97.4%(umm no. it's in Texas & it's christian)
BYU....48.3%(eh eh eh eh)


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