Monday, June 7, 2010

Clean the birds, or kill them?

In this post, I may come off as an animal rights activist and a hippie behind world peace but I'm not, I swear. Just look at those birds. Should they suffer from human mistake? Really, these BP oil people or whatever may plan to kill those birds. But WHY? What have they done? Nothing, nothing at all. So why should they be killed because of YOUR mistake?! I wish I had the job of cleaning those birds because it's a job I would love and enjoy. I'm sick of people in general endangering our world and this planet. It's the only place we've got-so far- and we should do everything possible to conserve it and prevent it from further decay. And, yes, I get we're going green and we're trying to produce less wastes, but we should've done this YEARS ago. Not now, when the ozone layer is thining by the second! I just hope we can rewind our effects on this Earth and it returns to it's "healthy" state. These things just upset me. . .

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