Friday, June 4, 2010

typical wednesday

So after giving in my applications, I'm at home, check my e-mail and I see this e-mail telling me about an SAT course & a job as an assistant counselor together at a local college that's like basically right next door to my high school. Hmm, sounds good. I NEED all the help I can get with the SAT because I'm planning on taking it again...October? One of the first months of the school year...I'm not sure. Besides that, you also get a job so it's pretty good. What I didn't read is if you got paid or not. I hope they do pay, though. And if I don't get any calls or anything from the jobs I applied to by the 15th then I'm gonna turn in my application and everything to the SAT course. And, it's only 10 kids they're accepting, so it won't hurt to at least try, ya know?

Also, my Orlando trip is coming soon :) Really really excited! I don't think I'm going to DR this summer because I've been hit with SO much summer work and I don't wanna over-stress myself, even though this year was pretty much me over-stressing -_-. But, yeah, it's my summer. I plan on enjoying it, it's my last summer before knowing where I'm going to college:D so I have to have fun. The place we were gonna stay at was changed and none of the girls I'm sharing my room with knows what's it called :/..maybe I should figure that out.

Tomorrow's friday! Well, today :) and there's like a fair/carnival/circus thing going on at the mall and hopefully i'll go. But, I need money -_-. THAT is why I NEED a job! Grrrr. Hey! Talking about the mall, as I was walking out these two guys were fighting LOL! It was funny..they were arguing about a phone or something. But, I couldn't stay and watch because my mom was rushing me.

Yeah. So much for my interesting day. Oh! And I had my hair like this today and everyone said I looked like Pocahontas lol. I don't see any resemblance. Maybe her attitude in that picture is the only thing lol! So, yeah, I'm tired, my throat hurts, and I'm gonna get something to drink.

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