Monday, February 1, 2010


Gosh, if I was with you. If I was with you for a day. No, scratch that, an hour, a minute. I don't know what I'll do. I mean, yeah, I want to be with you. But when that moment comes, what am I gonna do? Personally, I think I'll choke, you know, try to be perfect, be cool. I don't know when I'll get used to you if that happens, maybe after a couple of days, if we're lucky enough to even spend THAT much time together.

A couple of days ago a friend told me she's sick of her boyfriend being over her house everyday. She tells me it gets boring seeing him everyday. I thought, are you crazy? You know how much I'll give to have that? Do you know how lucky you are? Apparently not. Life's not fair.

Besides the depressing stuff, I'm trying to make this as less sad as I can, I can't wait till that day happens. This may be over used or 'like a movie' but I sometimes think of how that day would be like and I imagine myself running to you, into your arms. Getting a hold of you like you were the only thing I needed to survive. And in a way you are, you know? Then, I'll look at you, in your eyes & stare at you, just amazed at how beautiful you are. Hehe, most likely I will, cuz you're hot lol :D Then, I'll hug you some more & hold you, being the happiest girl in the world.

Aside from that, I sit here trying to swallow this lump in my throat cuz you know I get sad, which I was trying to make this NOT be. But, hey, I'm emotional, I think I cry for stupid things. I move on, then in a couple days, cry again. I just sometimes get too impatient and I think I can't go on any longer. But, yeah, just wanted to let you know I can't wait till that day.

I love you.



  1. i can honestly say that he feels the same way so u dont have to hide anything..he'll hold u n cherish every second of it n cant wait to kiss those perfect lips he often thinks about


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