Saturday, December 3, 2011

I don't need a man in order to feel like woman, but I do want one with me in those heavy moments when I'm feeling weak, tired, and lonely. I want him to know me, and to show me, that he respects what I bring to the table, I want him to be able to accept my strengths and my confidence without thinking that that makes him weak and lacking. I don't need a man with a lot of money, but I do want one that's packing, packing his own goals, and his own dreams, one who holds womanhood in high esteem, starting with his mother. Now, I don't need a man of any particular color, but I do want a brother, one who openly loves God more than he could ever love me, he'll even go to church with me, he will hurt with me, he'll search with me when I'm trying to find answers to lost questions, he's a blessing. I don't need a man with a lot of religion, but I do want one who believes in God, and as such, he's in touch with the truth, therefore he doesn't habitually lie, nor will he deliberately make me cry, but he will tell me, not maliciously, when I'm wrong, hold me when I feel like I can't hold on, and on personal matters , he keeps the business at home because he's grown, therefore he sees past the physical beauty that the world is showing, and he'll fearlessly dive into the wildest of my unknown. Once there, he would create and sail into a home of absolute harmony, blissfully, with me. And, as for me, I'm gonna love this man so deep, I'm gonna love him for keeps, ya'll, I'm gonna love this man until lemons become sweet, until the Earth crumbles into the sea, until religious fanatics and scientists agree. I'm gonna love this man until all atheists bow down on their knees and faithfully worship some form of holy deity, I'm gonna love him until all [innocent] men in prison are free, and justice embraces them wholeheartedly. Then, finally, just so all of you understand, I don't need a man who thinks I'm supposed to make him feel like a man, but I do want a man who knows that he is the man.

Bonnie- My Man..

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