Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For my boyfriend

They say the human body has over 50 billion white blood cells, and I need
e v e r y s i n g l e o n e
because you
make me
You are the fish that I would throw back,
but some reason
as opposites,
we attract.
We show our admiration in love taps,
"I HATE YOU!" matches in
All the qualities of my soul-mate,
you lack.

I wrote you a poem once,
I mounted it and framed it...
oh, it was p e rrrr f e ct!
And you gave me a pat on the back,
and said,"Hey, good stuff..."
That was it.
Your attempts at being romantic
are simply pathetic
The last massage you gave me...
The first time you cooked me dinner,
I had to pump my stomach.
And YOU, you, you ,yooooooooou
just like picking fights.
If I say go left,
you say right.
If I say it's day, you swear it's
n i g h t.
You still think our anniversary is the 10th of May
It's the 9th!!!
of March...
The Golden Arches is the closest thing to jewelry I've ever seen from you.
For my last birthday, you gave me a
You wear socks with your sandals!
And, no, not the short ones...
the one that pass your ankles!
My idea of a tranquil evening involves a good book.
And peppermint tea :)
Yours only requires your PS3!
You're a die hard football fan.
I like baseball.
And like most lactose products,
we just seem to disagree.
You think Megan Fox is the epitome of beauty.
I think she's overrated and her lips are crusty.
You like chicks that are busty.
And I'm a proud member of the:
Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

I remember the last time I cried,
you gently wiped my
e y e s
and whispered
And I know it's bugged but I still love you.
Like Whitney Houston loves crack...
But some reason,
as opposites
And truth be told,
that romantic crap usually doesn't last.
Flowers die,
and many diamonds given.
May as well be cut glass,
but what matters most is that
c o m p l e m e n t
Like a i r though my l u n g s,
And there are over a trillion nerves
and you
you get on every single one.
You know you do!
But, for some reason, that's why I
I love you.
A poem I heard, besides the 'imperfections'
I love you.

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