Saturday, September 18, 2010

let's all just barf simultaneously.

So I deleted my tumblr :O! I'm so glad I didn't delete this though. The reason why I deleted it was because...I don't know. A shitload of people found it and things just weren't personal anymore and after school started everyone on there got boring. There's only ONE person that i enjoy reading what they post and that's it. So, whatever. I'm back on this, whoever else reads it. I don't care. On there, I can't even write stuff and get judged and then un-followed. It's stupid, but to each his own right?
But that's not why I wanted to blog. I just wanted to emphasize the fact that I'm so damnnnnnnnnnn stressed! I barely get homework, yeah, but the whole college thing mannnn. I'm like so freaking lost:
1. I don't get the applications.
2. I don't get the whole financial aid thing.
3. The counselor I've had for TWO years is changed into this other lady, she seems so out of it and lazy! Arrrghh how can a guidance counselor, a SENIOR counselor, be freaking lazy? HOW? What the EFF. She has an attitude as well (not with me) but with other students. She's careless I tell you! The only thing that I liked was that she liked my flower headband thing. She complimented it :) but that's alllllllllll. :'( and I don't want to go to the other counselor cuz she has students as well and I don't want to be a burden.
4. Everything about college is MONEY. Money here, and there. It's a business, not a school.
5. My mom! She's as lost as I am cuz she's never dealt with the whole college thing. But she doesn't listen! All she does is yap yap yap. Listen to me!
6. My college list. Only thinking of one college, maybe two. But I don't know. I can't just apply to two colleges, maybe five or so.
I can't procrastinate, either.

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