Monday, August 16, 2010


It's hilarious how peaceful I am after finding out a whole bunch of shit out. Lol, it's funny. Then again I don't even know if it's the truth because you never know with this fucking guy/girl whatever. And this load of bull would have been still going on if it wasn't for me. I'm seriously the key to my happiness. I now realize that whichever fucking day it was that I met you was the worst day of my life and I was right for saying I regret meeting you, whoever you are. I now realize that February 16th was the day I let you come and take away any semblance of happiness I had left. But now lol now I'm seriously happy and seriously okay with everything that's going on in my life. I'm so ecstatic that this is finally happening! Lol and the funny part is all I had to do was get rid of this mother-effer secretly ruining my life. I wish I wouldve done this sooner. I hate you :) no matter of fact I THANK you for making me realize this! Think of how miserable I would be right now. Haha, thinking that you're happy and this and that. Lol all bullshit! And stop with all this pity shit blah blah blah. The last thing I feel for you is pity and the first thing I feel towards you is hatred. Fuck you, whoever you are. And I hope God punishes you for what you did. You dont need anger management, what you need to get is a life really. And maybe go to psychologist so he/she could diagnose your compulsive lying. Oh and go to school too, you need some help with uh grammar. Pretty much help with the whole brain area darling. Don't fuckin contact me, get the fuck out of my life. This is my last blog I won't give you the benefit of reading about my life and shit. I'm off to tumblr! And if Kate or anyone for that matter ends up with! Their life is gonna be pure hell! I mean you're gonna have to be walking around with a lie detector all the time hanging from your mouth to catch you on a lie. Lol isn't that funny!! I was gonna say bye but you're not even worth that much.

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