Tuesday, August 3, 2010

been infected/left me neglected

just trying to hurry and blog pretty quickly cuz this guy is waiting on me & he's acting super weird as well. I just wanted to blog about something that happened to me today that i think i would NEVER forget.
So my school's newsletter came in the mail today, it was pretty much all about the graduating class and all. And the valedictorian is off to some college, studying some major, hoping to be come a cardiac surgeon. And my mom reads it. A while after, when we're in my room, she says something about how she wants me to help her with money once I'm a professional and all. Then she brings up that girl who wants to be a cardiac surgeon and she says," That should've been my daughter." Then she goes on to say, "How proud I would be if I can say my daughter is a CARDIAC SURGEON." I just looked at her and told her I would never forget she said that. Then she tried to butter me up and say," Oh you can be whatever you want blah blah BLAH." Really? SORRY FOR BEING A DISAPPOINTMENT TO YOU.

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