Friday, January 14, 2011

AP English bitches

How moronic must a being be? Actually, it's so ludicrous, it's laughable!!! I'm going to write, extracting all pretentious aspects of my life.

I'm enraged. No, not because of what's apparent, but, in fact at what's ambiguous. I wish I could just tear down the expanse along with the shackles and just sit and scrutinize, you know? Laugh at the ludicrous-ness, if that's a word. "Hmmm," I would say,"is this really authentic?" Of course, it would not be, as I tell myself, but sometimes you just don't want to know. And, perhaps, I might be held accountable for not seeking actuality. But, I live in my own little world, with happiness, perfection, and with two veils covering the side of my eyes, very much like horses. It very well is perfect, and happy but it's the farthest from factual.

I'm not going to dwell over whether or not what I write creates envy, or making others meta-morph into a 'green-eyed monster.'No. I should practice what I preach and search for things that are beneficial and that are actually concrete!

Like Daniel said, "you're looking in the wrong places." The weirdest people you would never EVER guess are the best philosophers. And I found this out today.

you gotta turn the vocab gene on sometime.

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