Sunday, January 16, 2011

i can't believe i still remember what happened

Before I even went out , I burned myself with the flat/curling iron and now I have this huge dark spot on my forehead. Though, it could be worse, I'm glad I iced it for soooo long so it didn't blister as much as it was supposed to. I really couldn't find anything at all to wear so I just ended up wearing some blue leggings with a vertical-stripe shirt and a cute jean jacket over it. I didn't get to leave home til like 9 almost 10 and by that time the party wasn't even started.

I got there and as soon as I got there I was pretty much welcomed by a shot. Not cute because I wasn't expecting that.

I hate when people try to make me jealous and it's obvious you're doing it. Besides that, I hate competing with a girl over a guy because I'm not desperate and it's not like the guy is a god or anything. So yeah, after I got there then others came and the party got really started. So he came and, of course, she was all over him. The funny thing is is that I could feel her looking at me while she was over him like she wants me to look at her or something. I did not look at her. Why give her the benefit? Lolol people are funny! Anyways, after she left to the kitchen or somewhere, he came right over and he's pretty tall but somehow he was inches away from my face and asked why I didn't come by him to talk to him. LOL! Do I look like a groupie kid? I just said why didn't he come by and talk to me? You want something, you get it. Nice concept, huh?

Okay so fast forward to when I was tipsy! And yes I was tipsy just tipsy, even though I was drinking straight ciroc, the coconut one. Which wasn't bad but the others didn't like it so much. Soo glad there wasn't any beer because I hate beer because it's disgusting. So by this time, I really didn't give an eff about that guy or her. Lol, you won girly, I'm not desperate. I was dancing and having a great time, I'm surprised I still remember.

So I had to go home early because my ride was going to start drinking and so I wanted to avoid anything from happening. And when I left, the party got reeeeally started. I heard some guy say 'the high school kids have to leave' and it was true lol, we had rides which were gonna get drunk now.

I was sooooooooo gone. I almost busted my ass going down the steps and I was laughing my ass off at my friend (she was drunk & gonnne) throwing snow at my other friend. I have no idea how I found this hilarious but it was the funniest thing to me.

When I got home, I drunk text which sucks because I do it all the time. I texted 2 people, best guy friend and this other guy. My best guy friend was being a bitch to me for noooo reason and I wasn't even doing anything. And he's gonna text me this morning talking about 'are you feeling better?' STFU. The other guy I texted was taking advantage of my drunkenness because he kept asking he how much I liked him and if he wanted to get serious when I told him a thousand times that I don't want to get serious with anybody. Hmm he thought I was really thaaat drunk. But besides that, he was being cute, he's already calling me 'babe' and I haven't been called that in a long time. I probably said some things I shouldn't have and I guess I would have to deal with those some other time.

I got hungry and I didn't wanna puke, but I ended up eating. And I got sooo tired so quick but I couldn't lay down because my head was spinning. But after I sobered up a little I fell asleep.

And that was my grrreaat night!

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