Tuesday, January 18, 2011

don't underestimate the things that I would do

OKAY can I just say I LOVE THIS NEW DESIGN/TEMPLATE/NEW LOOK?! It's so beautiful, it's so me, Ah! This is soo exciting!

My cousin, who I haven't seen in about 9 years came from NY yesterday. I'm pretty sure he's staying with us, if not living here. Okay so, I don't want to beat around the bush, I think he's gay. He doesn't look feminine or talk feminine but he acts kind of fragile-like. And he came with his 'friend' yesterday, and his 'friend' was definitely gay, obvious gay, no-doubt gay. After he brought all his luggage he went downstairs (I guess to say bye to his friend), but he stayed in the car for like 15 minutes and the windows were blacked out so I really couldn't see anything.

Yesterday, I really did NOT want my mom to be suspicious or anything because she's the worst homophobe ever. But, today, she came in my room and whispered to me, 'don't you think he's a little gay-ish' and I just nodded. I guess that rat's outta the cage! Hopefully, she doesn't turn against him or anything.
I need to find something to wear for tomorrow.
I think I might just watch movies all night.
Because I slept all day.
I might watch: the wall street movie w/ Shia :D

only because I love this song

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