Saturday, June 25, 2011

can't feel my face

I don't think anyone in this earth blogs quite as much as I do. Nobody reads this anyway, so what the hell, its a venting mechanism. It is currently 5:22 am and I haven't been able to sleep specifically because I slept late today, like 1 pm late, and it has come to my attention that that's all I do during the weekdays: stay up really late, sleep until pretty late. But this all stops now, well at least ill try to stop it. I'm going to try to wake up moderately early and start my day: workout, eat good/healthy breakfast, take a shower, wash hair...look nice and presentable, something I've been lacking in. Waking up when half of the day is over won't be in my schedule anymore. Well, I hope it isn't. I should probably wake up at about 11:30 later because I still need some sleep.

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