Saturday, June 25, 2011


I think majority of my friends can relate to my blog title. They're all leaving! Thursday, one of my closest friends left for college, I guess she's starting early, to finish early. Sent her a cute little farewell message :) Saturday, well today, in insomniac terms, my other close friend leaves for Rutgers for their summer program, I believe. Oh, she's gonna party it up over there once the school year starts as she's already crazy as it is. AND on Sunday, my other friend leaves to college for the summer program. Speaking about partying, we're gonna be partying it up tomorrow before her farewell. Which is weird because I haven't really been in the 'party mood' for a while, which is so not me because I'm borderline cray cray (crazy). I'm gonna miss these girlies dearly, I wish them the total best in college & all their future endeavors.

I was going to post some pictures, but the camera is in my mother's room & I don't feel like going as it is pitch black & accidentally bumping into something & waking up the whole neighborhood. I'll leave with these words for now...


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