Wednesday, October 13, 2010

fo shiz

Is it weird that I see this kid in my teacher?? I mean, every time I look at my teacher it's sooooo awkward because I'm picturing this kid and then when my teacher looks at me back, I feel like he's reading my mind and then it's even more awkward. Or maybe I just look at my teacher too much and get too many ideas that I shouldn't be having...maybe it's because this teacher is like 28ish? 27? and maybe THAT'S why I picture this kid. It's sooo weird, I was just thinking about it and I thought I'd write it down. Oh, by the way, there was this paper due for him and I swear I did wonderful on it, and he gave me a 90 -_- that REALLY irked me. Oh, I now know the proper way to say erk is irk he erked me is actually irked :) spell check is the bomb diggity fizzzzz

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