Sunday, October 31, 2010

on second thought..

I'm just letting out something that should've been let out a long time ago, bear with me. I'm going to sound really kiddish...

I really can't wait to meet new people. I mean, I'm so so so glad I've gotten close to my close friends that I'm with now, but I still feel this anger just waiting to erupt whenever I see ->those people (you should know who I'm talking about). & he goes on to say, "I gave you the time to cool off that you needed." WTF? You're the one talking about me and still deny it to this day. Which does not convince me at all because my mind is never going to change. I remember one day he said it himself that THEY were talking about me..they said, and I quote that I act "white" lol, and something about my relationship which I don't remember, because again it has no importance. Then, he "supposedly" said something to defend me, but NOW since you're like them and talking about me as well, you really think I'm going to believe the fact that you "defended me"? But what PISSES me off is how can someone's "best friend" stay friends with people who talk about their best friend? It seems illogical to me. But, it's okay, because of this whole deal, I came close to people and I don't miss one of them, except him, of course, because he was my best friend. I don't go out with them on weekends because they live pretty far, but that's the only downside. And I now for a fact, that he has no other friends other than that little group of three other people. And the only reason they tolerate his ass is because of his car, that's all..he's their personal chauffeur. But whatever, I forgave them all, and I'm not holding a grudge or anything, I just decided not to be friends with them. God can do whatever he wants with them...

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