Wednesday, October 13, 2010

thank God for capsules

These past few days I haven't been doing anything that has to do with college. The thing is that I don't have time to sit down and fill out applications, or maybe that's an excuse too. I think a while back I wrote down my college list here but eh I can't find it. I said I was going to apply to NYU but that's a no. One, I don't like the city (people gasp when I say this but it's true I don't really enjoy the city). Two, IFFF I get accepted, and there's a high possibility I won't be, I probably won't be going to the college in the world would I...I don't even know. So THIS is my up-to-date college list:
1. UA (offff course)
2. Penn State
3. Rutgers
and that's all for now. The application deadline for UA is February 1st...PLENTY time! And I have to write no essay, which is fabulous and gives me no excuse to procrastinate...wait what am I waiting for to send it? I THINK I'm pretty sure it's my SATs. Oh, I registered for the November SAT :/ I really do have to take it to get a bit better, ya know? The app deadline for Penn State is November 30 which is around the corner! And I also have to give this thing from that college to my counselor so she could fill it out. OH! Did I mention she sprained her ankle and is out till Wednesday?!!?! Perfect timing! I'm not heartless or anything, I hope she gets better, but I'm just sayingg. Rutgers application deadline is...I don't even know! Let me check...oh it's November 1st for early action and December 1st for Regular. So the first thing I have to do is get the thing filled out for Penn State when my counselor gets back. Oh! And I have to get my extra-curricular sheet filled out as well, which I hate doing. Reason being because I hate bothering teachers and stuff. OHHHHHHHH! Which reminds me I have to get my recommendations too! Oh ma gawd !!! I have to ask away! See every time I think of something, something new comes into my list of stressors, it's not cool at all. But yes, I don't know what other colleges to apply to because REALLY if I don't get accepted to UA i'll be devastated and I don't know what I'll do. I'm just going to think positive! Cloud of positivity surrounding my head! Yes!

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