Wednesday, October 20, 2010

my hannnds :(

How can I sleep tonight, eh?
Things to do:
this is for chris lol

*i have to go to teachers so they can write their signature to verify my extra-curriculars
(To chris: I need to do this THIS week, I need two more signatures, remind me during the school day pleeeeeeeeeease)
*do Rutgers essay & give it to my teacher
(tomorrow I can't do it because I have to do a project :/ so maybe after tomorrow remind me)
*tell my mother to sign the transcript release form
(hmm..signing is easy so remind me soooooooon)
(omg yes, after friday remind meeee)
*UA application isn't so pressing in time because I don't really have to write an essay)
*remind me to tell my dad/mom of the application fees
*e-mail teachers for recommendations
(after friday)
This is it S O F A R. I probably forgot some stuff, but I'm still working on it.

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