Thursday, December 9, 2010


I really wasn't going to blog today as I had nothing to blog about. But, as I was picking out my outfit for tomorrow, I couldn't help but overhear my cousin & his girlfriend arguing. And when don't I have anything to say?! She sounded very upset, I could just feel the unhappiness in her voice. I heard him say that he needed time for things to change, and all this stuff.
My advice to her:
No matter how hard you think it might be, just let go. Everybody changes. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same BUT change. Even if it might be hard for you, create some type of distance. He's a cheater, he's cheated on you with several several girls. In fact, after he 'supposedly' hung up on you, he went downstairs because some girl was there waiting for him. And she has a boyfriend. And she knows that he has a girlfriend too. I don't exactly get the point of cheating, I mean you have someone already. If they're not who you thought they were, then just move on. There's plenty of fishes in the sea. But, my cousin, he's not worth your time. He's not about commitment, or honest relationships. The person you met and fell in love with is a stranger to the person that he is now, I'm pretty sure of it. He's treating you like a fool, as well as taking advantage of you because he knows you're going to be there when he comes back from his rendezvous. Let go. Even if it's little by little, personally, it's easier that way. And when the big bang comes when you've finally realized that this is the ultimate and complete END of a relationship, it'll be a passive bang because you've already created distance...

She's not going to read this, but just needed to get that out.

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