Tuesday, December 21, 2010

that's the way this wheel keeps working

I thought I had nothing to blog about today. I always say this and somehow I always do have something to say/blog about. Today I looked sooo crappy. Well, not really, I kind of looked okay but not how I normally dress. All my clothes are dirty so I just had nothing to wear. So, because I am so smart (how condescending), I decided that I'm going to make something, and that's what I did.

I didn't make something from scratch. No, no. I took my long-sleeved jean jacket, it's kind of midway length, and I chopped the sleeves off! Now it's a vest. It looks really nice I can't even believe I made it look that way. So, I'm thinking of wearing it with:a shirt that looks somewhat like that (just the shirt) but it has another pattern of colors. I bought it at Urban Outfitters. Then I paired black leggings with that, and also my favooooorite boots which I have blogged about before that I bought at Forever 21. I love this outfit! Can't wait to spend my monaaaay :)

Also, my little darling did NOT come today :/ hopefully he, yes it's a he, comes tomorrow.

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