Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Never noticed how much I liked blogging.

Current status of my room. Now that my mom bought some new furniture, we had to stuff that huge couch in my room. So now my room looks sardine-like. Does that make sense? Anyways, I just made my sister & I some hot's so creamy! I can smell it :) it's really really hot though. No, nevermind, I just took two sips, and it's just warm. My sister & I bonded, yes. Earlier I gave her some honey on my finger and she didn't like it. WHAT? Honey is bomb. Maybe it was just my finger that made it taste weird. Who knows.

I'm DONE with my Anatomy work. Notice I didn't study though. I will study tomorrow, during some class. I have an early early chronic form of SENIORITIS. I don't feel like doing anything, I'm easily distracted (way more than I originally was), all I want to do is: SLEEP. Which sounds really intriguing right about now. But I'm gonna play this little cute app after and then maybe hit the hay, who knows.

I really feel like an air-head about the whole college thing. I don't know, I wasn't expecting news until way later in the school year...and I received it recently, so now I'm just like HUH? I still can't believe this is it, I'm going to college. Ok, not till a couple of months, but STILL. Oh Gosh, it's incredible. I can seriously say when I read the letter I just sat there, re-reading. My mom told my grandma before I even opened it that I got accepted because it said (on the outside) U are UA. I really had no idea, I thought it was just to let me know that they received my application. But, of course, after it sank in, I did my little paper dance, very hard to explain, it takes serious skill to do such a dance. And I did it. Because. I. am. Bomb. It came with this little car window sticker thing that says Univ. of A. (don't feel like typing the whole thing), I put that on my window because I don't have a car. I don't even have my license baha! Of course, I have to put in my enrollment deposit as well as the housing deposit and food meal and all that stuff, but that's l a t e r. So pretty soon (without you even wanting to) you're gonna be cheering for Alabama.

Oh, yeah, and the scholarships too.

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