Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's the story of my life, though. It's really funny how it turned out, don't you think? I know you always end up missing me more, so I'm just gonna laaay. Sounds relevant, eh? Anyway, that wasn't what I wanted to write about.


I must admit that when I get a couple drinks in me, I start not to give a fuck. So, at the party my ex best friend who I haven't talked to in forever was there. Omg, what a draaaggg. At the end of the night I called her an ugly, hideous bitch. It's quite ironic because when I'm sober, I'm a worry wart, but when I'm partying IDGAF. Actually, what I am worried about is what I'm gonna do when I really start to party, like college and shit. I'm gonna be fucking dangerous. Not an alcoholic, let's get that straight. Even though I don't have much self-control, lol. Fun wise? This party was funner than that last one a while ago, I was much more comfy with the people there. But drunk wise, at the last party I was taking shots and shit, drinking vodka & all sorts. But at this party I drank 2 beers (OMG YES beer :O )and a bit of ciroc and a bit of hennessy. That is all, not so bad. My night was fun! I was sooo tired after, got home like around 2:30ish. Had fun, though.

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