Thursday, March 31, 2011

oh goshh

Getting that 'you're a fucking dumbass feeling' again. Greatness.

Anyway *rolls eyes and shakes head* I hate when people are mad/sad all the time for no good reason. I mean, life's too short to be pouty and just SAD all the time. Liven Up! Act Alive! I understand we all have our down days here and there, but that does not mean you have to take it out on others! It doesn't mean you have to automatically hate others just because! It doesn't mean you sit something out in fear. No! I'm not a philosopher, of course, nor do I create theories. But there are two people that I know who are like this. Always needy, always pouty, never enjoying life, always SAD! I used to be like this, I used to hate school, I used to hate majority of people in the school. But, now, I'm just like wooooooooooo! I'm crazy, I know. But, I just wish these two people would stop. I love them very much, and live's too short to be like that. A person isn't gonna make you happy if you aren't happy yourself, and I learned that the hard way.

I'm writing because I have an 800-word paper due tomorrow. For a scholarship. I THOUGHT SCHOLARSHIPS WERE BY CHOICE. But nooooo, not in English class -_____- I barely have a paragraph and it's 12 am. Oh, well, I doubt I'm finishing, gonna leave it at 700 something pages or something along those lines.

This week wasn't very good. Actually, it was the worst week in a while. But, I'm still keeping a smile on my face, and I would MEAN that smile!

I am a procrastinator, and NOT proud :D

UPDATE: I'm NOT doing that stupid, obnoxiously long essay, I'm skipping/cutting first period tomorrow. Where am I gonna go lol?

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