Sunday, March 27, 2011

two things made my night tonight

I just got done talking to my aunt from DR, the best aunt ever, let me add. I haven't seen her in yeeeears, and she was just giving me advice on normal everyday stuff. The thing that got me was that she told me it saddens her that she couldn't be here for all those years of me growing up into a woman, pretty much. I was at a loss of words. It just amplifies how selfish I've been for these years to never think about theses things. After I thought about it, I'm like damn I miss her, I never use to think about these things but now it is sad that she wasn't physically here to go through these things with me :'( But, soon after, she sent me a voice clip of my little cousin (her daughter) saying that she loves me, and everybody here, my sis, my bro, my mom, my grandma. THAT made my night, she's the cutest little thing, she has the bigggest cheeks ever, TOO CUTE. It sucks so bad that I've never met her, though :/ But, if God decided these things then it must be for a reason, right?

Other thing that made my night:
So, I didn't talk to him for the entttttiiiiiirrre weekend. Friday, I was gonna go to his house, but he had to leave to a wedding, which took place on Saturday. (Random: I fucking burned my ear with the flat iron and it fuuuckingg hurts bitches) So, I missed him, yeah yeah -_- And today, randomly, he texts me because he just got home and tells me to call him. But, I was busy doing my mother's hair and after that I was gonna go driving with my dad. So, he was pretty upset and so was I. He also asks me if I can come over, but I said I doubted it, I had no hope. But then, he texts me out of nowhere (when I got home) and says if he can pass by because since I can't go over then he will. So he just came over outside and we stayed in his car for a while like 15 mins or so, and we just talked. It's amazing how we just met and it's not awkward at allllllll. How great is that? We talked about his wedding, about my night yesterday, about everything. I somewhat want to ask him to be my prom date but I'm the biggest punk in the history of punks SO I didn't. But, I don't know. Who knows? Blahh.

Anyways, that was what my night consisted of, besides being burned by my flat iron, and my mom being so demanding about prom dresses. BUT, she's actually pretty right because she knows what'll look good and what won't so I'm gonna listen to her now.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow :)
Thank you God.

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