Friday, March 11, 2011

eek! eek!

um, yes. So I should be doing my paper right now, but omg I'm hungry, tired, sleepy, hot. Just everything. And, of course, procrastinating. Okay, I know it's bad, but in my case..procrastinating works. When I DONT procrastinate, my work SUCKS, I'm not even exaggerating. But, when I do procrastinate my work is golden. It's amazing how that works out, but it looks like I'm gonna be procrastinating on college as well. Did I mention I paid my Enrollment Deposit, and Housing Deposit as well as the Housing application. I can actually get a room sometime in April, the only thing I'm really bummed about is that the date I get to pick my room is one of the last days and i do not want there to be anymore rooms left on the building that I want to dorm in. Grr
I'm so hoping for no school tomorrow as the river is pretty much at flooding level, if not flooding already. But, noooooooooooo I bet they'll call at like 5 am saying I don't have school after I finished my essay when I could've been sleeping. How I HATE when they do that.
Today was good, something really embarrassing happened that I don't want to tell anybody because it's just that embarrassing, kind of funny, and kind of gross. Cuz I'm a gross person, what can I say. But, my day got better after I got home, lol. OMG

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