Wednesday, March 16, 2011

or just somebody

For once I would like to write what ever I feel like on here and not care, but that's SO not the case. I seriously need to go to sleep, I absolutely hate nights. It's almost like my thoughts just race and I want to get away from it all. I think about everything. The most completely random thing just pops into my head and I wont leave. I must sound really crazy right now, but when I'm in bed I think about my whole entire day, memories, this, that. I think about all of my actions, what I did wrong, right, what I could've done differently, solutions to problems. And nobody's awake for this, maybe that's why I can't sleep, until real late. Maybe it's because I worry a lot? Yeah, maybe that's it.
It's kind of like this:
lol I was going to write an example but after I reread it I realized how crazy I sound, so no. Not gonna happen.

Ugh, I need help.

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