Saturday, April 9, 2011


I had plans to go out today, but something happened (I'm not quite sure) and so I ended up staying home. All is good because I took a good nap, and I went to see Insidious yesterday, so overall it's been a pretty good weekend. When I went to see Insidious I made a personal note to myself to watch everything, "Do not cover your eyes, just enjoy it." The thing about me is that when I watch scary movies I miss the scary parts (on purpose) because I'm just that much of a punk. It's not that hard, when that eery, creepy music starts playing, cover your eyes. When a person is looking at themself in the mirror and they're about to close it, cover your eyes. When it's offly quiet and you expect something to happen, cover your eyes. When it's night and they show the house all dark, cover your eyes. When something moves all of a sudden, cover your eyes. So, when I watch scary movies, I remove the scariness of it, so overall it would be a pretty happy movie for me, and that's how I can sleep that night after watching it. UNFORTUNATELY, I decided to not cover my eyes ( but I did, on some parts). For being PG-13, it's a really good movie! I enjoyed it very very very much, though towards the end it starts to get a little fake and I'm just like really? I also noticed something, when I get scared I don't yell or scream I just put my head on the other person's shoulder and I cover my eyes. I cannot count how many times I did that last night. But, I would pay to watch that movie again.

So, since I have nothing to do. I'm gonna blog!

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