Saturday, April 9, 2011

my obsession

Friday I went shopping! I bought so maaany things for just $31! I was super super excited then, and I'm super super excited to wear these things now. So, because I don't have a camera (LOL) I can't take pictures of it, but I'll look for some pictures that look similar to what I got. I found some of my friends there and I showed them what I got and they were kind of set back and did a double take, but it's funny and incongruent because when they see me in school they compliment my clothing. Maybe it's because I wasn't in it the reason why they didn't like it, but I love what I wear, so it doesn't matter.

The shirt that I got is somewhat like this except it's not gray. Actually, the print has to be one of the things I LOVE about this shirt. It's black and white and has this geometric/flowery print, so hot!
I got this little treasure, well something like it! I love love love it because it's great when you don't want to wear a big bag, this little compact purse comes in handy!
I've been dying for one of these belts, finally have one!
And I got three blazers I ADORE. They're all vintage, and different shades but I couldn't find any online that looked like them, but everybody knows what blazers look like so I gave up. Since they're all vintage, they came with shoulder pads, I'm not quite sure if I should remove the shoulder pads or not because it all depends on how they would look when I pair them with an outfit, but they don't look so bad with the shoulder pads. I was extremely extremely happy I found such things and I can't wait to wear them. I have to do some laundry first though because all my clothes are dirty. So, that is it for my clothes haul, I was just so excited I needed to share!
Wish List:
1. Jessica Simpson Shoes
-She has the greatest collection of shoes! Not pricey at all!

I tried those super tall sexy heels on at Macy's and I completely fellll in love! Even though they're so tall, they're so comfy, I just love them. I love alll her shoes!
2. Harem Pants
I need a pair!
3. Anything with Spring colors.
4. Classy Rainboots
5. Thin belts
6. Silk Jumpsuit or a Romper
7. Black and White striped blazer
8. Oxfords
I need them.

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