Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is all happening too soon..

I finally got the shoes! I also found a picture that looks more like my dress, here it is:
That's Keri Hilson
Ahhhhhh! It's so so so glamorous and exactly like the one I have, it even has those jewels in the middle! I'm getting excited as I type, but I can't help it . It's such a great contrast to my skin color, the only thing that's significantly different is that my dress is more ivory and this dress is more of a nude color.
These are the shoes I was going to buy:
So sexy! But they're really tall and so I feared that my dress wouldn't hit the ground, so I didn't buy that beauty.
I got these instead. Still hot, still platforms, but not so tall. They look super comfy too, so as of now I love them!

All I'm missing is my clutch, not a date :) Most likely I'll end up going with a group of friends, I can't wait!

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