Saturday, April 2, 2011

there's just so much I have to say!

You know, it sucks being right all the time. I mean, just once someone should prove me wrong, but whatever. Hope this teaches you a lesson. I didn't go out tonight since I've gone out every Saturday for about a while now. And, I decided to stay in my cozy home the whole night. I didn't go out today except early in the afternoon when I went shopping with my mother, and *drum roll please* I finally got the dress! It wasn't that pricey, just $140 which is minuscule compared to the prices of dresses I was looking at online. I'm a bit tentative about putting a similar dress up here, but whatever. It looks somewhat like this:

On the hanger it looked pretty ugly and stuff, and I was like EH, let me just give this a try so I tried it on along with the other million and millions of ugly dresses my mom wanted me to try on. I didn't tell her of course, but they were all so figure unflattering. To be honest, when I tried that dress on I was like, 'oh no' for some reason, but then when I saw myself in the mirror I was more like 'oh okay' and then lady next to me said I looked beautiful, she said I had an hourglass figure, I started to come around *tries not to blush* and now I just love it! OH there's something important I ave to mention! Its not pink lol, its like this creamy, off-white, bone color, sort of beige, which is perfect because it contrasts my skin beautifully, besides the fact that it hugs my curves perfectly which is why it makes me have that hourglass figure. Oh another important thing! It doesn't have those jewels at the top, instead it has them at the top of the waist, to emphasize it. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

Okay so last night:
I really should have blogged about this last night because I remembered perfectly then, but now somethings are a blur. So I went over to his house at like around 8ish I think. He lives literally a block away which is perfect. When he opened the door I was attack by his fluffy dog called Buddy. OMG scariest thing ever HE JUMPED ON ME AHH! And all he said was 'dog' quiiiiiiiietly when he opened the door, like really could you have said it any louder before you opened the door?! His mom is sooo cute and soo cool. So we went upstairs to the attic where his room is and he gave me the cheesiest tour of his room, it was funny. We just watched movies and cuddled and ate pizza, it was cute :D But, um, I didn't ask him to be my prom date because I'm a punk. Certified punk. OOOOH! Talking about certification, guess who's an EMT?!!?!?!

You can find me, if you ever want again. I'll be around the bend, I'll be around..

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