Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ugh, I dislike blogging from my iPod. The reason being because it doesn't let me change font and so I'm stuck with this boring boring font. Bleeegh. Anyway, maybe I should start that thing now. Here I go!

Day 1-- Introduce youself.

I'm Nicky, for short. Though I really liked being called Nick only one person calls me that. Yeah I don't know, I think it makes me sound remotely interesting for a second, eh? I live in NJ, pretty much the "suburbs" of NY, if you ask majority of New Yorkers. Haha, they think we're country. But if you ask me, I really wanna get out of here! I really really love art. And some fashion, too. But I'm not a head over heels fashionista that practically LIVES off clothing. My boyfriend thinks I am though, but I'm not I swear. I take lots and lots and lots of pics of nature...on my phone. You know, the typical sunrise, sunset, trees, clouds, the sky. I think it's pretty awesome how beautiful it is. I'm saving up for a Nikon. Um, yeah, that's not going well. Cuz every single corner I turn, I'm buying something. If it's not clothes, it's PopTarts. Oh yeah, that's my newest thing PopTarts. I don't know, I always have something that I get stuck on. I remember it was cheese first, then something, then potatoes I think, now it's PopTarts. I can't get enought of them. Technically,I can't get enough of IT because it's only one flavor that I'm stuck on right now--brown sugar and cinammon, yessssss. I have a boyfriend who's pretty awesome. Long distance relationships are not something easy, but we're still holding on and going strong :). Lots of people say I'm smart. I don't think so, really. I think I just use common sense. I guess my common sense isn't so 'common' huh? Whatever. Lots of people say I'm funny too. Errr, I think I am. Lol, it just comes natural to me. I laugh at anything. I really can't stand much peoples BS that's why I keep many things to myself. I really want to get a hair cut. baaaaaad. It's summer vaca and what I've done is gone to Orlando...disney for a week. Didn't even go into the parks, FYI. and now all I've done is babysat and read. Greeeat summer vacation. I'm off. To bed. Too tired. G'night.

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