Friday, July 16, 2010

it's shareable.

ahahahahah! i like this font! it's ridiculous!
Anyways, new look. I can't say I love it...I actually think it's too bubbly and cute for me. But whatever...
Day 08 – A moment, in great detail

Hmmm. When I was younger, like age 5 or 6ish I had this bump on the side of my leg and I had to get it checked up just to see if it was benign or cancerous. The doctors tell me that it isn't cancerous but I had to get it removed anyways. I remember majority of the surgery...I was in this chair but it was reclined back and my leg was up on something. The bump was dotted so the doctor could know precisely where to cut and I was given anesthesia. didn't exactly work because I felt the sensations of everything going on on my wasn't a good surgery experience overall. What made it even worse is that by the next couple of days the stitches became loose and that cut was WIDE open and I could see inside was all pinkish and gooey. This was back when I was living in DR and health care over there isn't great SO I had to head out there with my mom AT NIGHT looking for a hospital so SOME ONE could stitch me back up...horrible experience. This ALWAYS always always made me cry cuz I suffered so much and it's interesting how I remember SO much and I was so young! It didn't make me cry this time which is good. I still have that scar on the side of my looks like a spider :). It isn't so bad it's just there. I used to be SUPER self-conscious about it and I NEVER EVER used to wear shorts or skirts. But now I've just come to accept it cuz it's part of me..and alot of people find this story quite interesting.

So that's my moment...well moments :)


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