Saturday, July 24, 2010

Red red red lucious lipppps..muah!

SO Sorry! Oh, my dearest blog, I've missed you. ahaha I've been pretty busy with the nurse camp I was in but now it's over! I met pretty cool people and I've never been more positive about something in my life, but...I want to be a nurse. Yes, an RN. yesss! I'm so excited for myself, it's pretty darn hilarious. This is the whole break down, yo! It usually takes about 4 years..the four years in college to graduate with a bachelors degree of Science in Nursing. After that, I have to figure out where I'm gonna live (pretty much)so I can take the certification test at the state where I want to live. But in some states, you can pass the certification. Like if I am certified as an RN to practice nursing in a state, other states MAY allow me to just pass the certification without having to pay or take the test again...or..something like that. But yeah, I can get a job for a couple of years, then depending on how my life is, I can go back to get my masters. I am such a nerd. See how I'm planning out my life without even knowing anything?

Anyway, back to the whole daily blog things.....

Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail
For the summer, I usually use lighter bags not big ones and I avoid leather bags too. My current bag is pretty small and it's a shoulder bag. So it don't stuff it with things like I usually do with the bigger bags so's all just junk

this is what's in my bag :)
-a whole bunch of papers
-a little alcohol packet for disinfecting and weird o.O
-bracelets..the colorful ones I got from Disney World :)
-my ring..its colorful
-my lip balm
-my wallet..filled with change, yesss
-my cousin's headphones -_-

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