Sunday, July 11, 2010

Azure Mist

This came from my iPod notepad :)

Explaining my sudden love: it's not that I love you suddenly lol. Cuz that'll be kind of confusing, don't you think? Sort of like.."Whaaaat? You never loved me before?" But no, it's not that way. What I mean is that I have sudden gratefulness, I guess you could say. I'm just really happy that you're in my life sooooo happy. These past few years have been great and these past few days have been amazing lol. Aind it's just opened my eyes to how happy I am to be with you and just everything in our relationship. Lol this sounds as you would say "cheesy" but hey it's true. I love you. Alot Alot Alot, my prince charming. And hopefully you come with your shining armor and take me away to your lovely castle and we'll live happily ever after. Yeah, I know fairy tales don't really happen in real life but maybe just maybe with you fairy tales are possible.

-- O, and btw dont you like how I just mixed in two stories into one? The whole prince charming thing and the shining armor thing? KNIGHTS wear shining armor not the princes cuz they're too charming for that manly stuff.

-- O. and yeah, tooootallly took that pic and edited it. Looks pretty cool :) I love it.

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