Saturday, July 31, 2010

i hate paid programming!

omG! I have so much to blog about I dont even know where to start! I'm pretty darn obsessed with tumblr! i.cant.get.enough. It's just so darn friendly! Ok ok, I haven't done shit. Like all the books I have to read and stuff? Haven't even finished ONE! And I have a month to go, btw. UGH UGH UGH, MY LIFE!
Anyways, it's 2:43 am and my neighbors are LOUD. Ok, I get it's friday and all, but you can take your damn hookah/marijuana/drinking party inside! I don't wanna hear you and I dont wanna get high either..if it's possible to get high even though I'm not near them. By the way, I don't like my neighbor. You know those people that are old, with kids, and REFUSE REFUSE to age with decency..that's HER. Can you stop freaking partying and shit? Have you got no fucking brains? You've got a kid, are you not embarrassed by the way you act in front of him? Oh, and while you're at it, would you stop fucking my cousin. K, thanks. I mean, I think she's the one who messed up my dad...more than he already was. After he started hanging out with her, she introduced him to some of her friends, and he's been playing my mom with them. She turned him into what she is: he refuses to fucking age! He has young friends and he's been working out like a damn crackhead all the time. Do you want to be effin anorexic? Cuz, you're on your way...he's not even fat! He's just a muscular guy..what more do you want to lose? And then he starts putting his losing weight pressure on me..and everything goes downhill from there. Oh! And now he's 'supposedly' planning to go to Miami with his friends and shit. ARE YOU TWENTY-ONE? Nevermind the fact that he didn't even invite us cuz that's pretty predictable..but really? What are you gonna do? Go clubbing? Make out with girls half your age? Get drunk? Do stupid stuff teenagers would do? Wait, I don't even know what they find fun in you though! When you're here you're a party pooper. Complaing about everything. You don't want anybody making noises or being loud. And now you're the life of the party, eh? Wish you luck.

Another thing that's on stupid facebook is shoutout videos. REALLY? You're gonna make a video to shout out people? How RIDICULOUS is that? I mean, I get the shouting out in a video if the video is about something else..but a video JUST FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of shouting out?! Lame, why do I even have these wack people as friends anyway? GET AWAY.

Something I found out! If you go to google, type in 'lol limewire' and then click 'i'm feeling lucky' the funniest thing will pop out! That definitely would make ANYONE'S day, for shizzle!

I've been enjoying photography like no other. Chris, buy me a professional photography camera, like Nikon or something. Pleeeeease?

My day at the park was okay...did two laps around :) one i walked, the other i ran/jogged. I don't know how to jog, I'm weird. I always speed up and act like someone/something is chasing me. I can't ever take it slow and jog correctly. Anyway, after I went to my mom bro and sis..and the little ones were getting wet...they have these fountain type things and you can get under them and get wet and all..they had fun. My sister she filled a bottle with water...took it to the little playing gym thingy whatever, she wet the slide with the water, slides down and then says "water slide" ahaha! How smart/cute/funny/adorable. hehe!

AND i'll leave you, my darling blog, on a funny note:

"you need to hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband..."

So darn ghetto!

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