Sunday, July 4, 2010

whaaaaaat? you need to learn how to propose darlinggg

Ok i got 4 out of 7 books yesterday and I'm not actually upset. These 4 books aren't so FAT and I think I'll get through them. The only thing is that I dont want to do the work i have to do AFTER. Anyways, that's not why I wanted to blog. The reason why I want to is to complain about humans. Like I always do lol. Ok so at Barnes & Noble, I'm standing in line, right? Just minding my business. Then I go to the cashier, she tells me its 55 and some change in all, so I give her my hundred. (Before I complain, I just wanna say that before this my mom was calling me hurrying me up cuz she was outside, so keep that in mind). Kay, so I see her feeling the 100 dollar touching it and stuff...I'm just thinking "ummmm okaaay. Why the hell are you rubbing it for?" Then she says "o i usually feel something in the 100 dollar bill, just to see if its real". I'm just thinking like..."nooooo of course its fake! I just made it a couple hours's that obvious huh?"
Then she puts it up to the light...and I dont know, she must have been blind. Then she calls the manager for the know those pens they write on bills with? Yeah that marker or pen or w/e ...while we're waiting for the damn manager she still repeats the same things over and over and over. Thank God I'm a nice person and I'm not like my mother who would've probably cursed her out by I just stand there. Mind you, my mom is still waiting outside..probably mad. So after the manager comes, in like 5 more minutes..get this: She brings the marker, puts the 100 dollar bill up to the light for barely 3 seconds and tells the cashier it's ok. WHAT THE FUCK? You last 10 mins trying to figure out if my money is fake and the manager comes and in three stupid seconds she figures out its ok! Are you kidding me?! Ugh, I was upset.

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