Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Diamonds falling down!!

that last post was distasteful. bleghh.

Day 07 --Your best friend, in great detail

I've been through my share of best friends, currently I have none, except Chris but he doesn't count. That's why I blog right? I have no one to tell all my things to and to just vent..pathetic isn't it? The firstest (is that a word?) friend I had was a friend who lived downstairs from me in my old old house, well apartment. I dont even remember her name or anything. All I remember is going down to her house sometimes and going to her party at Chuck E. Cheese's. That was the first time I went SUPER EXCITING! Anyways, that's all I remember really..I don't even remember my age, I was yoooung. I dont remember how our friendship ended, I guess it was just cuz I moved. My next best friend was Cynthia (this was when I lived at my old house)..we were soooooo close. I would talk to her everyday, see her everyday, do things together everyday..we had soo much in common, my family loved her and her family loved me. There was a girl who lived a house away and she always wanted to be around us...we really didn't like her at all..and we spoke about her behind her back. I remember making plans with her to do something but Cynthia invited me someplace else and I totally stood the other girl up. I really regret all the things I did to her..I don't know what was up with me then, and I'm sorry..she actually just graduated from my school. But, yeah, me and Cynthia grew apart (we didn't exactly grow apart) she just changed into this completely different person after we started going to school together..and I just wasn't having it, so our friendship ended. Today, I don't really talk to her..she's my friend on Facebook but we haven't had a conversation. Before, we always said we needed to meet up at catch up..but it never happened.

My next best friend...i should say best friends! We were a group of five. OMG..I loved those girls! And I loved our class! We all went to dance class after school...meeen those were deff the days! Anyways, Only one of them goes to my school now and she went all strict and she's in ROTC. Another one moved after I moved and pretty soon she got pregnant by this guy and he ended up leaving her..i thought they were seriously in love. Another friend...ummm i dont even know much about her I just know she's pretty close to Cynthia yeah. And the last friend..I have no idea. It's actually kind of funny that I have them all on facebook but we dont say a word to each other. After I moved, and after the other girl moved after me..the friendship just crumbled.

My last best really hurt losing the friendship. We were the clooooosest and we had everything in common. She lives a couple blocks away..actually I saw her yesterday on my way to 'buy' the GPS. We just said hii. She went to my school for 2 years the got kicked out for bad behavior..she changed dramatically. I really don't like her! I REALLY DISLIKE THE GIRL!! But she applied again to my school and hopefully hopefully hopefully they dont accept her again! I don't really like wishing bad things on people but she doesn't even deserve to be in that school.. she's sooo annoying!

Sarah doesn't count cuz she's related.

And that's all. People just change for the worse and I distance myself from them. And really, I don't think I've changed at all.

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