Thursday, July 29, 2010

really high up anus.

--why is it that when my room gets really hot, i turn the AC on and after 5mins its FREEZING in here! So then I get up and turn it on again..i'ts a damn cycle and I'm hot.
--i made a tumblr, yess. I love tumblr really. It's pretty addicting and everyone's friendly and everyone follows you. It's awesome. Dont be jealous, blogger, you would ALWAYS have a place in my corazon. It really isnt for long blogs, like this. So I'm deff keeping this, just deleting the other one. I love you Blogger.
--I FIXED MY LAPTOP. OMG, YES! All by myself :) I'm so proud of myself, GOOGLE HELPS!! I can't depend on my cousin for it, so iiiiiii did it!
--MY dad came today. I swear all he talked to me about was me 'losing my shape' and me getting fat and how fat i am and shit. My mom was totally behind it too. She's such a two-faced hypocrite. She talks all this crap about him behind his back and when he's here she's like fucking goo-goo ga ga over him. STFU already, i started exercising today, happy?
im tired of this effin look of my blog. too damn fruity.

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